September 30, 2013


September 28, 2013

Museum of Bellas Artes

A new and infectious track from Museum of Bellas Artes! Their debut LP Pieces is out November 11.

September 24, 2013

Nicolas Jaar + Dave Harrington

Nicolas Jaar's frequent collaborator Dave Harrington (the other half of his other projekt Darkside) drops a remix of the track "Why Didn't You Save Me" from Nicolas' Don't Break My Love EP. Dark and gloomy, just like I want it.

September 23, 2013


With her airy vocals as her main instrument, Kyoto-native artist Cuushe creates dream pop of the more ethereal and melancholic kind. Her gorgeous debut album Butterfly Case is out this week via Flau. Stream it here!

September 18, 2013

The Knife + Planningtorock

The fabulous feminist Berlin-based Planningtorock last worked with The Knife on Tomorrow, in a Year. Now she's reworked their Shaking the Habitual-track "Full of Fire", transforming it into a playful remix entitled "Let's talk about gender, baby, let's talk about you and me". As you can hear for yourself, the remix actually takes more from Salt N' Pepas "Let's talk about sex" than from "Full of Fire". Awesome, nevertheless.